We are grateful that of the millions of websites available online, you chosed to visit us. You are right at the Oasis of Love. We promise that by the time you leave this site, you will have gotten all the valuable information that you have been looking for in life. Agape Christian Centre is an oasis of love, a place of destiny, where champions are born, and God’s love manifested giving birth to destinies in peoples lives.

Outreach Services

We currently conduct numerous outreach services including one to the African Mission Troops to Somalia. We understand that the role they play in maintaining security and preseving life is great.We reach out to them and support them by providing chistian reading materials like Bibles and others to carry to Somalia, so that they attract Gods Mighty hand to guide and protect them as they execute this very sensitive assignment. Find our Other reach out services below

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Pastor Patrick Musoke hosts a daily Radio broadcast on different Christian Radio stations in Kampala, Uganda. In the above picture Pastor Patrick was hosted as an international guest at Denver’s only gospel Radio station in Colorado USA. Pastor Patrick Musoke is also featured as an international guest on many other Radio stations in different countries of the world

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The following books have just been release by Pastor Musoke. The books are about developing creative minds, and how to set effective goals and make strong decisions which enable to pursue and accomplish great dreams. To order a copy, please send your emails to musokepatrick@gmail.com.

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We have teamed up with a group of doctors, paramedics and other types of health workers from the major referral hospital of Mulago, Kampala with the aim of extending the healing arm of Jesus Christ, through reaching out to poor communities, though God’s Love, by providing free medical services, health sensitisation, Christian counselling and prayer against HIV/AIDS and other related services. We have been able to reach out to the poor slum neighbourhood in the vicinity of church, by turning our church into a temporary health workshop and a number of patients were treated and some gave their lives to Jesus Christ. We have been also able to reach out to the largest market place, in the city of Kampala, St Balikuddembe (Owino) market which has about 50,000 market vendors and other types of workers, and we were able to treat about 500 patients

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Our Documentaries

To ehnance our work, every yearr we produce a documentary film to brief our partners on the progress of our Operations withinn Uganda and East Africa. This documentary highlights all major developments in the various arms of the Ministry. Below are some of our documentaries


2016 Annual Docuumentary

Agape Outreach Ministries

2017 Annual Docuumentary

Agape Outreach Ministries

2018 Annual Docuumentary

Agape Outreach Ministries

Our Events

We are a community based church. We have a number of events that are aimed to develop our sheep both spiritually, physically and financially.

May 07, 2012

20th Ministry Anniversary

Agape Outreach Ministries will be celebrating 20 years of ministry during the first week of May 2012. The anniversary celebrations will be commenced by the inauguration of the official opening of the expansion of a school project which has been supporting the orphans and underprivileged children for the last 15 years. The festivals will take place during the destiny conference which will be climaxed by an ordination ceremony whereby many Pastors and gospel ministers will be ordained and others graduated from the Bible Institute as it will be marking its ten years. The founding director Pastor Patrick Musoke will be at the same time marking his 25 years of preaching the gospel since he started preaching when he was 18 years old.

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May 10, 2010

Mission visit to DRC.

Pastor Patrick Musoke with a group of missionaries from USA and Kenya conducted a missions conference in the North Kivu Province in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo during the month of May 2010. They were welcome with a red carpet treatment in the city of Kiwanja, with a Brass Band playing and going before them on the opening day of Crusade. They were also received by the regional administrator of the territory and were able to ordain more than ten pastors of Agape Christian Centres in Democratic Republic Congo. We expect to visit Congo again for gospel crusades and conferences between the month of July and August 2012

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March 30, 2019

Church Planting

We have opened up more than 30 churches through our evangelistic crusades, in different districts of Uganda. Some of our churches are in south western and others in the central region of Uganda. We have about 10 churches in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Some churches are in poor rented buildings, that they need to buy there own plots and build while others are already in building projects. The needs in Congo are so great. They range from church building projects, to self help projects.

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