Buyonga Kakiri, Wakiso District, P.O. Box 21627 Kampala

Agape Community school started in 1997 as a subsidiary of Agape Outreach Ministries which is a church based organization and the school is under the ministries/church’s community development program.

School project motto: We empower for a bright future
School mission: To enable the orphans and underprivileged children explore their potential through Education balanced with a Christian moulding.

In 2009 a project commenced to establish a school in Kakiri Sub county, Wakiso district, 25 miles north of Kampala.
The idea was for the new project at Kakiri to expand the Agape Community School which is the old primary day school based on the grounds of the Agape Church building, in the Makarere suburb of Kampala city.

The diagram below shows the school buildings plan layout but with only one school block of four classrooms at the upper right hand side with toilet which are finished.







In Sep 2012 the first part of the new project was completed. The aim of the new project was to expand the existing school to the new site, expand the number of pupils over 2 years to 300, expand the age range to cover higher (secondary) education and vocational skills, and provide a group home on-site for 100 homeless orphans & accommodation for up to 20 staff.  The vision includes use of the facilities for a worship centre, and a community clinic.

  • There is still the imperative need in the community to keep the school at Makerere Suburb in Kampala running although it is still operating on a small premise.
  • To move the kids from the old school to the new school will require a permanent accommodation which is part of the overall vision, hence the need for a children's home.

At the new school;

  • There are four big rooms
  • Eight staff – 6 teaching staff and 2 non teaching staff (cook and security guard)
  • A school toilet and a playing field
  • the ages of the school children range from 3 – 14 yrs

Prospects for 2014
A children's home  – The aim is to lease a property below for accommodation which is nearby to the new school to house approximately 50 children. The property for lease consists of 7 bedrooms and 1 dining room. The properties will also accommodate about 2 staff who will be responsible for the children. At the moment it will be cheaper to lease an accommodation while we plan to build an accommodation of our own. This home will serve as an accommodation for the children who will be moved from the old school to the new school, the orphaned and underprivileged children, and others from remote areas who will be interested to join the new school. The cost of leasing the home is estimated at £75.00 pounds / $120.00 Dollars a month. We need about £2500.00 pounds / $4000.00 dollars to furnish the children's home with beds, funiture and other neccesary utencils.

 The picture below shows the proposed home for leasing, the right wing being currently occupied by some teaching staff.

Solar power  – Currently, there is no electricity at the school premises and at the proposed children’s home  we are looking to lease. The idea is to supply both premises with electricity to enable us to run the school and the home efficiently. The cost of the equipment is about £2,000.00 Pounds / $3200.00 dollars including the installation.

Borehole  – Currently the school have to fetch water from a nearby river. borehole for water at school is needed since the school does not have access to running water. The borehole is estimated to cost £1850.00 pounds / $2960.00 dollars

Partition for classes  – There are four big classrooms in operation at the moment. Two of the classrooms have been divided into two making it four, and one has been divided into an office and a classroom with the last room remaining as it is for the kindergarten children. The classes are separated by a short plywood partition because of the limited funds, but for the big classrooms to be fully separated, into a conducive learning atmosphere the partitions need to be tall. The complete partitioning will cost about £250.00 pounds / $400.00 dollars.

 Children in class

 More furniture  – Furniture like book shelves, cupboards, drawers, storage, more benches and chairs will be required to facilitate the school in running effectively. The extra furniture may cost about £400.00 pounds / $640.00 dollars.

Text books  - Text books are available locally i.e. Mathematics, Geography, History, etc  according to the curriculum of the Ministry of Education for Uganda and the average price is between £4 pounds / $6.4 dollars and £6 pounds / $9.6 dollars each textbook. A student will need a set of about four different text books.

 Play toys for kindergarten There’s currently no toys or materials to facilitate the learning development of kids in the kindergarten class. Children as young as 3 and 4 years as we all know require cuddly toys, colourful materials, jolly phonics to help them learn in their early stages. The idea here is that a collection of baby and kindergarten toys are made and shipped to the school .

 The picture below shows some children of the kindergarten class.

For the grown up children, swings and slides will need to be purchased for the school playing ground. This will cost about £400.00 pounds / $640.00 dollars for 2 play items.
The following pictures show some of the play tools which are needed in the school play ground.

School mini Van  – The mini-van is mainly to provide transport within the Kakiri community for our students. Currently, some school children as young as 5 years have to walk almost 2 miles (1hr) each way to school. A used school mini-van may cost about £4,500.00 pounds / $7,200.00 dollars.

School Farm  – The school feeds the children and staff both breakfast and lunch. It will be cost effective for the school to grow its own crops and food products. The school can begin by leasing an acre of land for agriculture/farming. This is cost effective than purchasing food products. To lease an acre of land for a year may cost about £50.00 pounds / $80.00 dollars. We need about 5-10 acres of land dor the start.

Challenge to care video

Building Project in progress:

The estimated school budget and running costs for the year 2013 are as below. 

Costs per year

2013 Monthly

2013 Semester

2013 Annual

Staff /Administration Costs
Feeding Costs
Educational Materials
Medical Costs    
Office Equipment               
Miscellaneous Costs
£13,750 .00

School achievements
As of the beginning of 2013, the main aim was to completely finish the classrooms, furnish them with furniture, obtain necessary school materials like stationery, text books, writing books, charts, etc. The enrolment of staff and pupils, and the opening of the school project which took place on the 4th of February 2013. This aim has been achieved with the opening of the school in February 2013, but more text books, study materials are still required.

Currently we have 8 staff, 6 of which are teachers and 2 non teaching staff (security guard and a cook) 
As part of the overall aim, the school is looking to expand the number of pupils over 2 years to 300. Within the short time of opening (6 months), the school has 70 pupil of different age range which is about a quarter of our target of 300. If we continue to increase the number of student at this pace, we can easily reach our target of 300 children.

We were also to move the children from the old school to the new school, but due to the high cost of transporting the students to the new school, this has not been done yet. To meet this aim, we are planning to lease a housing property which is nearby to the school by next year to accommodate the children and make it easy to attend the school.

One of the aims is to expand the age range to cover higher (secondary) education and vocational skills. This aim as we expand in the near future will be realised. Also as we continue to furnish and install the solar power, this will encourage parents to move their children to Agape Community School, and as such push for the secondary and vocational school.

 Your prayerful support is needed to make to make this entire project a success.

It is our earnest prayer that God may make all grace abound towards you that you may always have enough at all times and more to give for every good cause. (2Corinthians 9:8)

Sponsorship programme
The sponsorship cost £10.00 pounds / $16.00 dollars a month and that is £120.00 pounds / $192.00 dollars a year for primary school. For secondary school, it is £20.00 pounds / $32.00 dollars a month and £240.00 pounds / $384.00 dollars a year.

For more information in United Kingdom;
Please contact: Administrator: Sureway Internation Christian Ministries
1 Herne Hill rd, London, SE24 OAU Telephone 02077336315
or send us an email at: agapeoutreach23@hotmail.com

For more information in United States of America;
Dr. William Boone, P.O Box 4256 Waynesville, Mo 65583
Tel: +15734336401
or send us an email at: agapeoutreach23@hotmail.com

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