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Holy land documentary film.
This film was captured and produced by Pastor Patrick Musoke has produced a holy land documentary film which shows the most exhilarating historical sites of a great Christian heritage. It shows places Egypt like Jesusí Crypt in Cairo, Jesusí place of Refuge from Herod, the peak of Mt Sinai where Moses received the ten commandments, the place of the burning bush at the foot of Mt Sinai.
In Israel it shows places like the dead sea which full of thousands of minerals, it also show people floating on the heavy waters of dead sea, other places are Caesarea on Mediterranean see where the first gentile Cornelius was converted and baptised( Acts 11) and where Paul was brought for trial and then departed for Rome (Acts 25). At Caesarea you see the remains of Herodís palace, and the old Roman Amphitheatre. The film also shows the place at Mt Carmel where Elijah slew the prophets of Baal, then the horse stables of King Solomon at Megiddo, the valley of Armageddon where the worldís final battle conflict is going to take place, the old city of Capernaum and the house where Jesus lived, the home of Joseph and Mary at Nazareth, Bethlehem the birth place of Jesus, the empty tomb of Jesus, the hill of Calvary (Golgotha), the wailing wall( remains of Solomonís temple) the garden of Gethsemane, the place where Judah hanged himself, the upper room, the place at Mt of lives where Jesus ascended on high, the city of David, etc. You can see all the Bible becoming more and more alive as you watch this documentary film.
The Holy land documentary film is apparently on a DVD disc at a cost of $ 5.00 US dollars / 5.00 Pounds.

Mission to Israel

Pastor Patrick Musoke was invited by Pastor Irene Friedman of Rivers of Living water church in Karmiel city in Israel for a revival meeting. This took place in October of 2010 during the missionary study tour which Pastor Patrick Musoke was conducting for a group of pastors from East Africa. A revival night was conducted to the Messianic Jews in Karmiel city, Israel and a couple of hundreds of Jewish believer were filled with the Holy Spirit, and many others were healed of their infirmities.

Mission to Denver Colorado- USA

In the month of March 2011, Pastor Patrick Musoke  was introduced by Pastor William Hardrick of Kingdom Embassy in Denver Colorado, USA, to Leone Owens Jr. the station manager of Denver’s Gospel Radio station where Pastor Patrick had an opportunity to share the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to thousands of people via the Radio waves. Pastor Patrick was later received at the church of God in Denver by Pastor Hariajanto where a Holy Ghost service was conducted and many people received the impartation of the Holy Spirit, with prophetic utterance being accompanied with a word of knowledge


Mission visit to Democratic Republic of Congo.

Pastor Patrick Musoke with a group of missionaries from USA and Kenya conducted a missions conference in the North Kivu Province in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo during the month of May 2010. They were welcome with a red carpet treatment in the city of Kiwanja, with a Brass Band playing and going before   them on the opening day of Crusade. They  were also received by the regional administrator of the territory and were able to ordain more than ten pastors of Agape Christian Centres in Democratic Republic Congo. We expect to visit Congo again for gospel crusades and conferences between the month of July and August 2012

MIssion to Nigeria:

Pastor Patrick Musoke was invited to accompany Rev Gloria Kramer from USA on evangelistic mission to Abakaliki city in  Ebonyi state, Nigeria, West Africa. They were hosted by Pastor Casmir Ogeh of His Glory Assembly in Ohaukwu near Abakaliki city.
Revival meetings were conducted for a week from 18th to 25th September 2011 and many miracles were witnessed which included among others, the opening of the ears of a ten year old boy by the names of Ekene, the receiving of sight of an old woman, and many other miracles of healings, besides the hundreds of people who gave their lives to Christ. Nearby schools and colleges were visited, and an opportunity was opened up for meeting the mayor of the local town and pray for him in his office.

20th Ministry Anniversary
Agape Outreach Ministries will be celebrating 20 years of ministry during the first week of May 2012.
The anniversary celebrations will be commenced by the inauguration of the official opening of the expansion of a school project which has been supporting the orphans and underprivileged children for the last 15 years. The festivals will take place during the destiny conference which will be climaxed by an ordination ceremony whereby many Pastors and gospel ministers will be ordained and others graduated from the Bible Institute as it will be marking its ten years. The founding director Pastor Patrick Musoke will be at the same time marking his 25 years of preaching the gospel since he started preaching when he was 18 years old.

The overwhelming challenge of all our mission projects is the cost of administration. Most of our missions are backed up by faith (Luke 22:35,36) and God has never failed us even once. We thank God for the faithful ones who have stood with us at all times and supported us, for the gospelís sake for whom we pray to God for a hundredfold return. (Mark 10:29,30) However the struggle continues. Some of the ongoing challenges are in evangelism, church planting, the Bible College and the community school for orphans and underprivileged children.

In evangelism we are in great need of a good powerful sound equipment and a ministry van or truck. The supply of Bibles and other Christian literature are also a great need.
Church planting and pastoral support
We need adequate support for our new church plants like acquiring land for the church building and the support of pastors. Some pastors lack support for their families and education of their children.

Leadership training
Our Bible College is short by more than a third of its monthly budget. Most of the pastors and Bible students who come for training hardly have enough to pay for the course. We have noticed that, most of the people who earn a good income and can afford the course are too busy that they do not have the time to attend the course, and those who have the time and urge to attend the course do not the funds! So this makes the revenue from the Bible college so meagre to cover all the administration costs, like staff wages, lease of the property for Bible Institute, etc.
However, we are grateful to God for Rev Dr Kathy Curran of Duke Missouri who have been supporting the Bible Institute since 2001 when it started in Uganda. Nevertheless, we are still looking forward to more prospective support. Please visit the Bible College webpage for more information.

Community School & Orphanage
The challenges of the Agape Community School for orphans and underprivileged children are so great. They range from staff wages, children sponsorships, congestion at the current premises and the expansion of the school project.
The overwhelming cost of administration of the school is enormous. The daily cost of feeding is areal challenge! We operate under a tight budget but at times we may be in arrears of staff wages. I appreciate the school staff which is so understanding and patient , that they have been able to bear the burden and consider it an opportunity to serve the needy. I want to express our gratitude to the saints from Sureway International Christian Ministries who have been supporting the school, through the children sponsorship programme, since the school started. Nevertheless we are still in need of great support through the child sponsorship programme and towards the building project. A regular support or a one time donation will appreciated from any prospective sponsor. For more details please to the orphanage & community school webpage.